Raise Your Hand if You’re Sick of Kanye West

Oh Kanye…You’re on your way to becoming the most hated celebrity in the music industry.  If you are so in love with Beyoncé you should have married her before Jay Z did.  Maybe then you would spare of us the from your antics at the Grammy Awards every so often.  While I’m not overly fond of Beck and you should all know how I feel about Taylor Swift by now, I can’t help but feel a bit bad for them.  Seriously, Kanye!  Stop trying to shove Beyoncé in everyone’s face.  It would be a bit different if he was married to her, but he’s not  he’s married to Kim Kardashian.  I would be so embarrassed if I was married to him.  I mean even Beyoncé seems embarrassed by his folderol.  

As much as I am really sick of him being an idiot, there are some of his songs that I am okay with.  However, those are few and far between.  At this point I kinda just want to delete all of his songs off of my iPod though.  He doesn’t even seem like he wants to interact with his fans.  I would want to that.  Your fans made you famous Kanye.  Stop treating them like they don’t deserve your appreciation.  If you can’t at least smile for a picture with your fans then maybe you shouldn’t be out and about where they can take pictures of you.  Stay at home and spare us.  Please, I beg of you.  

Beck took the whole thing in stride though.  Kudos to you Beck.  You have earned my respect.  I still don’t know any of your songs, but I do feel compelled to go buy your new album now.  If for nothing more than to applaud you on showing Kanye the meaning of class.  That was classy my good sir.  In case you missed what happened.  Here is a video that I found on YouTube for you all to enjoy.