Shut Your Pie Hole! It’s Time for a Telly Show Review!

I love pie as much as Dean Winchester does.  I also love quirky mysteries with a touch of magic.  Throw in some pace names that look really hard to pronounce, but really aren’t and maybe a smidge of romance that isn’t so sappy it makes me want to vomit and you’ve got a show that will keep my attention for a long time.  Pushing Daisies is the perfect mix of all of that.  Unfortunately, this delightful show that started airing back in 2007 was canceled two years later in 2009.  I was so frustrated when this happened!  Several of my friends at Cottey College would reserve the telly room in the basement so that we could watch the show when it was in my second year there.  I watched it with my mother between 2008 and 2009 when I moved back to Oklahoma to continue my schooling at a state university.  It was so much fun to watch and I have good memories of this delightful show.  Also, let me make one thing clear, I didn’t start watching it for the guy who plays the main character of Ned.  Nope!  I started watching it before he became as popular as he has been in the past couple of years.  So, if you say that I only watched it for Lee Pace, sorry, I had no idea who he was back then apart from him being Ned on the show.  Anyway, on with the review!

Despite only lasting two episodes that spanned twenty-two episodes.  Those twenty-two episodes were a delight to watch.  The main quirk of the whole series is reviled in the first episode and I don’t really consider it a spoiler since reading the summery of the show on IMDb will tell you what it is.  That quirk is that Ned the Pie Maker can bring dead animals, plants, or people back to life by touching them once.  Should he touch them again, they will be dead forever.  However, if he doesn’t touch the reanimated thing or person within one minute, something or someone else will die.  After reanimating his “childhood sweetheart”,  Charlotte Charles, called Chuck by Ned, the two along with P.I. Emerson Cod solve crimes and collect the reward.  You also have the perky waitress at Ned’s pie shop that despises Chuck and wants Ned for herself.  Her name is Olive Snook.  Chuck also has two “aunts”  named Lily and Vivian that don’t know that their niece is alive again, believing her to have been killed on a cruise.  The show follows Ned, Chuck, and Emerson on their adventures and, more often than not, their misadventures.  I’m not going to tell you much more of the plot since that would sort of spoil the good parts of the show and it’s ending and I would like to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

This show is bright!  Don’t watch it in a dark room at night because of how bright the colours are.  As much as I love the contrast between the sometimes dark nature of the show and the bright scenery clothes worn by most of the cast, it can really hurt your eyes if you watch more than an episode at a time.  This is particularly true if you are watching it on your computer and are sitting at said computer.  When I say that most of the cast wears bright clothes what I mean is that pretty much every main or reoccurring character save for Ned.  Unless you really pay attention to the costuming of the series you may not catch it though.  Ned is hardly ever seen in colours apart from black, grey, or white.  This was done on purpose by the costuming department working on the show.  It was a way of keeping the focus on Ned without it being in your face.  Good job costuming department!  They did such a good job at being so subtle that most people notice he stands out, but can’t figure out why.  The scenery is beautiful and it make the whole show feel light-hearted despite the fact that pretty much every episode involves a murder and Ned bringing them back to life and then effectively killing them again.  Pretty dark when you really stop to think about it, but it’s bright and happy the rest of the time and PIE!!!  So, good job at making us laugh at death.  Also, the name of Ned’s restaurant is called the Pie Hole… Clever and laughable.

The casting on this show is amazing!  Lee Pace was fairly unknown to the populous before this show, he was on the show Wonderfalls before this back in 2004…honestly, I had never heard of this show before.  Have any of you seen it or heard of it?  He was also in a few movies before this started airing.  One of which makes my top ten movies for reasons apart from him being in it since when I saw it was still in cinemas.  He literally stands above the rest of the cast.  Mr. Pace is tall.  Over six feet tall and when compared to Kristen Chenoweth who is just an inch shy of being five feet tall, he is a giant.  It works though!  He’s adorkable in this show and his acting is pretty much flawless.  Also, as I’ve pointed out in other articles, I always have a soft spot in my heart for Oklahoma born actors since that is where I was born and raised.  This show has two of them! Kristen Chenoweth, who is great in most things she does, is also from Oklahoma.  Her random singing throughout the series is fantastic.  She has a great voice too!  Kristen does a wonderful job at playing the lovesick waitress.  Anna Friel who plays Chuck and honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen anything else with her in it.  That being said, she did a great job.  I’d watch other things with her in it.  She does have that girl-next-door look to her.  From what I’ve learned, she is apparently English…can’t tell from this roll.  If nothing else, she does a great job at hiding that accent.  Now, if you’ve watched the show Human Target, then the guy that plays Emerson will look familiar.  Yep, that is Chi McBride.  I have watched a ton of things with him in it and I have never been disappointed by his acting.  He is a delight to watch and is pretty dang funny.  He is also the voice of Nick Fury on the animated series that have come out recently from the Marvel Universe.  Honestly, who doesn’t love Nick Fury?  If you say you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.  Everyone loves Nick Fury.  The core cast is amazing and was so well cast that I can’t imagine anyone else in those rolls.

Good news!  If you love binge watching shows in a weekend, then this show is great for that!  You can get both seasons on DVD.  Check it out.

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I have both seasons now! Huzzah! #PushingDaisies

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The packaging is fantastic and slightly gimmicky, but it works.  I mean, the first season’s hard case looks like Ned’s restaurant’s menu and the guide booklet on the inside is set up like the inside of the Pie Hole’s menu.  The hard case on the second season looks like the inside of Chuck’s bee hives that are kept on the roof of the Pie Hole.

Honestly, this show shouldn’t have been canceled.  It’s clever and witty while at the same time being deceptively joyful to cover up it’s darkness.  The cast is great, the story is fantastic, and the scenery is happy and cheerful.  What isn’t to love about this show?  I really hope that they can pull of bringing it back in some form or another like they want to.  I would love to see it brought back.  Of course, I would also like Lee Pace baking pie in my kitchen.  Clean shaven or not, he has a very high æsthetic quality to him.  In fact he doesn’t have to be baking he can just sit there and ramble about the weather for all I care.  Although, when I started watching the show, I honestly didn’t care.  I just watched it for the dark comedy.  The Bandit from The Fall though, that top has too many frog closures on it.  Those can be left off and I’d been fine with that.

Go watch Pushing Daisises!  It’s great.  Then go watch The Fall with Lee Pace in it.  I dare you to not love him after that.