Spoilers! “The Day of the Doctor” Review

Hello Sweeties!

So, for those of you who do not know, I am a major nerd. I love Doctor Who! It has been my favorite Sci-Fi show since I was a younger. When people find out that I am a Whovian they always ask me who my first Doctor was. While most of the people my age will say that theirs was the 9th Doctor or the 10th Doctor, mine was one of the “classic” Doctors. The first Doctor that I ever saw on the Telly was the 4th Doctor. Yep, Tom Baker was my first Doctor. I do not really remember as to why Doctor Who was on since my father is the Sci-Fi watching person in the family, mother is not overly interested in Sci-Fi and the only channel that we got any British shows on was PBS which usually showed them after my father went to sleep. Now we get them on all sorts of channels, which makes watching the good shows easier. However, there was no place close to where I was on the showing the “The Day of the Doctor” on the night it first showed. I was good and did not go on to any social media or really get on the interwebs until I had watched it on my iTunes. Since so many people are writing down their opinions on the show, and a good deal of my Whovian friends are, I figured that I would do the same.

Before I get asked, my favorite incarnation of the Doctor is the 4th Doctor and not just because he was the first Doctor I ever watched. Tom Baker’s Doctor was quirky and unpredictable. I never really knew what he was going to do next. He also loved Jelly Babies. Jelly Babies are my favorite gummi sweet outside of Swedish Fish. Swedish Fish are actually a wine gum, but the difference between the two is really a topic for a food post. My least favorite of the Doctor’s incarnations, and I feel slightly bad about this, is the 11th Doctor. I never said I hated him! Keep that in mind before you send me hateful comments please. However, when I took the BBC quiz to find out which Doctor I was most like I ended up with him. The strange thing about this is that my favorite of the Doctor’s companions is a toss-up between River Song and Amy Pond and my least favorite is really a toss-up between Sara Jane Smith and Martha Jones. I loved slightly complicated role that both Amy and River had in the Doctor’s life that can only be accurately described by this picture I found on Pinterest.

TimeLord Problems

As for Sara Jane, I just feel like she did better on her own show. I loved that show by the way. Martha I just got really frustrated with and found her slightly annoying in terms of a companion. Now that you all kind of know where I am coming from in terms of my love for the show, we can get on with the review. There are some spoilers in here, so, if you do not want the episode spoiled if you have yet to watch it. I would stop reading here until after you watch it.

First off, when it started I thought I had accidently downloaded the wrong episode since it basically used the first opening that the who actually had. The opening was cute and I found it delightful that the Doctor was reading about Quantum Mechanics. I was delighted when I saw that John Hurt was going to be in the show and also slightly terrified when I read that Steven Moffat was the one that wrote the episode. The painting in 3-D was a nice touch and I loved how amazing Gallifrey looked compared to past episodes that it has been shown in. I was really confused about the “NO MORE” message being shot into the wall really consumed me at first and I had no clue as to what the heck was going on with all of the explosions distracting me.

The concept of The Moment rather freaked me out. I will not lie. The thought of a sentient weapon is a little frightening, but then its conscious of sort materialized into something what at first I thought was Rose Tyler as Bad Wolf. I got pretty excited about that until she reviled that she was actually The Moment and not really Rose Tyler at all. I was not entirely sure as to whether or not I would like that, but it worked pretty dang well. I will say that the way she acted was similar to that of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from A Christmas Carol.

When I first saw the War Doctor the first thing that came to my mind was that it looked like he was wearing the 9th Doctor’s leather coat and the 8th Doctor’s vest. It was a nice touch and I loved it! I loved his slightly grumpy and sassy personality. I was also delighted when he asked “anyone loose a fez”. When he met the 10th Doctor and the 11th I shared his slight disdain upon meeting them and wondering if his future selves was going to “assemble a cabinet at them”. His character was very complex, even for a TimeLord. The three Doctors worked amazingly well together and I thought their antics really made the episode.

I also liked that we finally got a wrap up as to what exactly Elizabeth I was so hacked off about and why she wanted the Doctor’s head. The Zygons returning was not what I expected. I also want a “machine that goes ding”. I would love to be able to read comic books from the future. The part with the Doctor’s fez under glass made me giggle. I was happy to see the fez return. I was also strangely delighted to see the 10th Doctor wearing it even if it was for a brief second. I was pretty excited when they started talking about Captain Jack Harkness, but that was the only mentioned him once in that fleeting moment.

It had the potential to be either a really good episode or a really bad episode. Moffat did an amazing job. Overall, the episode was amazing and did not disappoint me at all. I loved the episode. I would recommend watching this special to any fan of Doctor Who. Even if you are a fan of the Classic Doctors and not really a fan of the reboot of the series, you will love it! Believe me! It is amazing. The thing that I was most excited about was that Tom Baker was in the episode. The thing that amuses me about Tom Baker being in the episode is that he is credited only as the Doctor and he actually had, dare I say this since it may turn into its own thing, another character that he played. He played a character called the Curator. I would love it if that character made an appearance in another episode and it made me exceptionally happy since he was the first incarnation of the Doctor that I watched on the Telly.

If you have not seen this episode then you should go watch it! Even people who are not fans of the show will enjoy it since it is full of action and it also gives you a good background of the character of the Doctor.