Wanda Ventham is Much More Than Just Benedict Cumberbatch’s Mother!

Ehrerbietige Grüsse an Alle!

Well, today I figured I would talk to you all about something that I have been asked about quite a bit as of recent when people come in to the place where I work.  That question is, who inspires you in terms of fashion?  Well, there are two people actually.  One of which I have adored since I was a little girl and the other since I was in high school.  These two lovely ladies are Dame Vivienne Westwood and Wanda Ventham.  So, what is this post going to be about today?  Today I am going to tell you a little bit about these ladies and why I love them and look up to them as much as I do.  I will be breaking this in to two parts as both are quite long descriptions.  So, on with the first part of my post! 

First off I will tell you about the amazing lady that I have adored since I was a little girl.  Now, the first time I saw this lady was when my parents, mostly my mother, sat me down in front of the telly to watch British sitcoms, sci-fi shows, and movies.  The show that I first saw her on was a little sci-fi show that I bet 90% of you have never heard of and if you have then I am seriously impressed with you and I feel like I should bake you cookies; UFO.  This show ran from 1970- 24 July 1971.  The only reason I know the date of the last show on the original run of the series is because my birthday is 24 July.  That is also the reason why I make it a point to watch the show on my birthday.  The lady in question, if you haven’t already gone to look it up because of my rambling,  is the lovely Wanda Ventham.  I know a great number of people know here as Benedict Cumberbatch’s mother, but I honestly had no idea who in the seven hells he was until quite recently.  On the show Miss Ventham played Colonel Virginia Lake.  Now, I actually have two reasons for thinking so highly of Wanda Ventham.  First, have you seen pictures of her?  She is freaking gorgeous!  I mean seriously, she is 78 years old and she has aged amazingly well.  I hope that I age as well as she does.  Below are a couple of pictures that I found on Pinterest, the glorious site that I am slightly addicted to, of Wanda Ventham when she was on UFO and a from “The Sun” website more recent picture of her and Timothy Carlton.
Is she not beautiful!  Amazing!  She is a super classy lady too.  Just to top it all off and I read somewhere that she collects owls.  I adore her even more now.  The other reason that I look up to her is because of her character on UFO.  Colonel Virginia Lake was one of the first women that I ever saw placed in a position of authority on a show.  She was a Colonel for crying out loud!  She was also the specialist when it came to working with the computers and eventually became the Moonbase Commander.  Awesome!  She is the person that got me interested in working with computers and doing science.  I actually went off and studied physics and astronomy in part because of her.   So, while the majority of the world my only see the wonderful and beautiful Miss Wanda Ventham as Benedict Cumberbatch’s mother and the wife of Timothy Carlton, to me she will always be the first actress that I ever looked up to for anything at all.  In fact, I actually had no idea she was even married to Timothy Carlton.  It was not until one of my friends made me sit down and watch Sherlock that I even knew who the heck Benedict Cumberbatch was or that he even existed.  My first reaction to finding out, and this is recorded and quite possibly floating around in cyber space somewhere, went about like the following.
“Did you know that Wanda Ventham has a son?”- My friend when we were watching Sherlock and there was a commercial on.
“No.  What’s his name?  I bet he is friggin’ gorgeous!”-Me
“Umm…Benedict Cumberbatch.  He plays Sherlock.”- Friend
“You mean to tell me that the guy that looks like Timothy Carlton is Wanda Ventham’s son?” –Me
“Yeah, you didn’t know that?”-Friend
“No! Who is her husband?”-Me
“Timothy Carlton! Oh my God you really didn’t know?”-Friend, now laughing hysterically
“No!  I don’t pay attention to media crap like that!  She’s seriously married to Timothy Carlton?”- Me
“Yes! Go look it up!”-  Friend hands me laptop and I look it up.
“Well, strike me dumb and colour me stupid.  I guess she is.  Huh?  Well, I learned something new today.”- Me
So, yeah, I do adore Wanda Ventham.  Not only is she a wonderful actress, but she is also a classy lady.  Her character on a show that I have loved since I was young taught me that I could work with computers and rise to be a highly respected individual in the workforce.  She has and always will be the single most influential woman, outside of my family, to me.
Well, we have come to the end of part one of this topic!  I hope you learned a little bit more about me and about the amazing Wanda Ventham.  I will be posting the next half of this topic in the next couple of days! 
Until next time!  Stay lovely everyone!