What the Heck Did I just Watch? 2013 AMA’s Edition

Okay, so first I must say this. I do like Rihanna’s music. I also love her accent. However, what I just watched on the AMA’s was quite possibly one of the strangest things I had ever seen. During her performance she looked like she was either stoned or drunk. However, when she accepted her award from her mother she looked completely normal. What the heck Rihanna? I am so confused by her. I mean, she makes good music. I am not saying that she does not, but I am just really dumbfounded by her antics. Seriously! What in the world are you doing? I mean is she perpetually stoned or drunk? What is her deal? I will say this though. She did acknowledge her fans in her speech after receiving her award. I will give her kudos for that since most of the artists seem to forget to do that. So, good job on thanking your fans Rihanna! We appreciate that! I am still just really confused though.