But Sir…They Might Be Giants!

I have a soft spot in my heart for the band They Might Be Giants, or TMBG for short.  Their songs are quirky and there really isn’t another serious band out there that sounds like them.  I was introduced to this band at a young age through the show Tiny Toon Adventures.  Watching clips of that show makes me seriously reconsider how sane my parents really are since they let me watch that and Ren and Stempy.  TMBG has actually had a long run of being associated with shows for children though.  Of course, with their quirky songs, it is no surprise that the shows contain questionable content at times.  Overall though, the songs are memorable.  Even the songs that I had no idea where by them are memorable.  If you have seen The Drinky Crow Show on Adult Swim, then you will know that they have also branched out into recording catchy fun tunes for more grown-up audiences as well.  They recorded the opening song for that show as well as for the show The Oblongs.  

Their songs are quirky, you can’t deny that fact.  That name of theirs though.  Where did they come up with a name like They Might Be Giants?  The story makes the bibliophile in me gleeful.  They took their name from the film They Might Be Giants that was released in the early 1970’s after being known as “El Grupo De Rock and Roll” for a short time.  That film, and the band itself, takes its name from a couple of lines out of the book Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.  I love that book and the scene that the name is drawn from is quite possibly my favorite part of the whole book.  The part is when Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come upon a group of windmills.  Don Quixote mistakes them for giants and goes to attack them against from Sancho Panza that they are windmills and not the giants his lord believes them to be.  

It seems fitting that TMBG’s songs are a bit quirky given the background of their name.  The term Quixotic is frequently used for something that is quirky and at times insane.  Their songs and spastic style reflects that.  They have recorded everything from serious music to what-the-heck-did-I-just-listen-to songs.  So, I leave you with this song.  The song is a fairly popular one of theirs and is the first one I remember hearing.  Enjoy.