“Dream a Little Dream of Me”- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

I may or may not get into a row with my mum over posting this song as Music Monday.  Last night I was out star gazing with my friend and he requested that I sing a “pin-up girl song”.  Well, this was the first song that came to my mind.  Apparently that it was the song he was thinking of.

This song gets stuck in my head so easily. It is crazy.  I love this song though!  It is from the 1930’s.  Yeah, it is an old song.  It is also one of the most covered songs of all times.  They still cover this song today.  Out of all the versions of this song that I have heard, the one above is probably my favorite.  Ella Fitzgerald just has such a unique voice.  Louis Armstrong has such a distinct voice that I can pick him out as well.  That is why I like the old singers.  They all sounded different.  Today there are so many bands and singers out there that all sound alike.  It makes it difficult to tell certain bands and singer apart. 

I hope you all have a happy Labour Day!  I am off on an adventure!