I Started Losing it at the Internal Combustion Engine

Since this is being posted on April 1st I decided to share my favourite parody of one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite Disney movies.  I present to you:  “Google Translate Sings: ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’ from Mulan”  by Malinda Kathleen Reese ft. Caleb Hyles.

Caleb Hyles is so animated when he sings.  It’s fantastic. I love it.  My cousin introduced me to the hilarity of Malina’s “Google Translate Sings” videos.  This one is by far my favourite.  They do this so perfectly that the first time I watched it I couldn’t stop laughing and I literally fell out of my chair.  I seriously thought I was going to injure myself more than just the bruise on my ear from my headphones being pulled off my ears when I fell over.  It woke my mother up from her nap on the couch.  Then I made her watch it.  She couldn’t stop laughing, but at least she was sitting on the couch and not in a rolling computer chair.

These videos are all done wonderfully and they definitely will make you laugh.  It also teaches you not to trust Google Translate for important things.  I still want to know what raging fire beetles are.  Those sound dangerous.  Also, don’t be depressed bananas.