I too can Ride My Bike Without Handlebars

“Handlebars” is a bit odd when you first hear the lyrics.  If you aren’t paying attention to the lyrics that is.  When you actually listen to the lyrics, they are a bit disturbing.  This song is really more of a short critique on the politics of the time it was released.  Flobots are really not that well known which is a bit odd in my opinion.  That being said, they are a fairly decent band.  While I am not overly found of most of their music, there are a couple of their songs I actually like.  This is one of them. 

This song is about how we shape our own future.  We can use our potential for good, or we can use it for evil.  The animated music video makes this clear in case you didn’t catch it in the lyrics.  What strikes me as strange is that people claim to not understand the lyrics.  Compared to other hip hop and rap arstists, Flobots are actually pretty easy to understand.  This video is oddly dark for something being animated.  It works for the song though.  With such a deep and dark subject there isn’t any reason why it wouldn’t be.  Of course, it isn’t Watership Down dark in terms of the animation.