Italia is Beautiful, I Agree with Piero on That…Not Much Else Though


Alright, so my Italian isn’t the best in the world.  I have sat through two semesters of evening classes of it though!  While I am not overly fond of Romance languages in general, I make an exception for Italian.  That picture up there is from my trip to Florence, Italy a few years back.  It was amazing!  You should all go! My awesome Aunt Donna is of Sicilian decent.  Also, my mother took Latin in school since she wanted to be a forensic pathologist and I do know Latin thanks to studying law and philosophy.  As such, Italian has a soft spot in my heart.  After spending a bit of time in the beautiful country of Italy I picked up a love for Italian Pop music.  One song sticks out in my mind when I think of my time in Italy.  That song is called “L’Italia Di Piero” by Simone Cristicchi.  The name translates to “The Italy of Piero”.  Have a listen.

The song is catchy and can get stuck in your head easily and even if you don’t understand everything, most people can pick out a few words and their meanings.  The name Piero is a fairly common name in Italy and is the Italian form of Peter.  In fact, I met a guy named Piero over in Rome.  He worked at market down the street from where I stayed.  He was nice and gave me a good deal on some oranges.  That is the only guy that I remember by name from that trip to Rome.  Since it is such a common name, the Piero in the song doesn’t refer to anyone in particular.  One thing is clear though, the guy in the song is an idiot.  Seriously, who set’s themselves on fire in front of the Parliament Building?  He better be glad that it rained or he would be dead.  He’s also done quite a bit of things that most people have never done.  Such as going to the moon to plant mushrooms and pot and declaring war on people.  He’s also a liar since he says he painted the Mona Lisa.  I do wish I had a closet full of Prada and drove a Ferrari though.  That would be fantastic.  Piero also apparently joined the Bersaglieri after causing Italy to win the FIFA World Cup… So he either did that in 2006, 1982, 1938, or 1934.  However, if he is part of the Bersaglieri that is pretty cool.  They have awesome hats and uniforms in general.  Check them out!  That picture is part of their military band.  Also, they ride bikes.  I’m not joking!  Go look it up.  They are amazing. They were formed during the Kingdom of Sardinia.  Enlisted Bersaglieri troops will wear a red fez…because they are cool!  The vaira, that feathered hat, is ceremonial.  Officers will normally wear black berets that are still awesome looking.  In all seriousness though, they are still active and usually are peacekeepers, but were considered active during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Kudos guys.  You’re awesome. 

Now, I bet outside of Italy most of my readers have no earthly idea who the heck Simone Cristicchi is.  He won the Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo in 2007.  That was the year this song came out.  He has some pretty good music.  He is also adorable with his curly hair and glasses!  Sort of like an Italian Art Garfunkel.  Simone’s music hasn’t charted outside of his native country as far as I know.  At least, I can’t find any information on him charting anywhere besides Italy.  Even there he isn’t considered an overly popular artist despite performing exceptionally well at the Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo.  The video for “L’Italia Di Piero” only had a little over 319,800 when I posted this.  His songs are fun to listen to!  Go listen to them!  His videos are entertaining too!  He actually looks like he’s having fun in his videos You can learn the way to say the phrase “I love you” in Italian by watching the video up there.  It’s “Ti amo”.  Italian is so cute sounding.