My Semi-Distant Cousin Made Me Cry…Thanks a lot William

Billy Boyd has such a fantastic and soothing voice.  He really is a fantastic singer.  No, I’m not just saying that because I am part of the Clan Boyd.  A lot of my friends started crying when they first heard his new song from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  You know the song “The Last Goodbye”.  Oh my gosh!  What a tear jerker of a song!  Had I not seen every single Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movie at the cinema and this song not been at the end of the whole thing, I don’t think I would cry quite as much as I want to when I hear it.  Have a listen.

Then there is that video.  I mean, it is basically just clips from all six movies mixed in with clips of behind the scenes footage and Billy singing, but holy calamari!  Dang it Billy!  Stop making all the Tolkien fans break down in gross sobbing every time you open your mouth to sing in these movies!  Especially the one  you aren’t even in!  If you search Pinterest with the phrase “Dang it Billy Boyd”  this is the only image that comes up and it pretty much sums up what the entire Tolkien fandom feels about him at this point.

This song is a great song to end the whole series with though.  A tear jerker through and through, but a truly beautiful song.  In fact, one of my nieces that went to see it with said she almost cried when the *thing* happened, not going to spoil the ending for those of you who haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet.  You’ll know it when you see it or read it.  She however, did start sniffling when the ending credits started playing with this song and we had to leave despite me wanting to watch the credits to see if they were as pretty as the last ones.  In all honesty, before I watched the video I wasn’t sure if this song was more of a tear jerker or if “The Breaking of the Fellowship”from  The Fellowship of the Ring or “Into the West”  from The Return of the King were more sad than this song.  Those two song still get me for different reasons.  I mean, I know Sean Bean dies in pretty much everything he does and I have read The Lord of the Rings so many times that I’ve lost count, but I just flat out sobbed on my friend David’s shoulder when we went to go see that movie when Boromir died even though it was in the wrong movie.

Overall, this wonderful song does what it was meant to do.  It brings the story to a close in a beautiful way.  Billy’s distinct voice make him an easily recognizable artist and member of the cast.  I found it very fitting that they would bring him back for The Hobbit series in some way.  I sort of had an idea that they were going to include him in some way when the trailer with his song that was featured in the song “The Steward of Gondor” was released.  Peter Jackson defiantly knew what he was doing when he decided to have this song play during the credits.  Also, kudos to the person that put the video together, I can’t find who it was that produced it as of the time of writing this, for doing an excellent job of making the whole of the Tolkien fandom breakdown in tears once again by reminding us of all the sad and emotional parts of not just The Battle of the Five Armies, but all five of the other Tolkien films that Peter Jackson has done.  My feelings on this song can be summed up by this sentimental:  “Thanks for making me cry enough that even my waterproof mascara didn’t stand a chance cousin…I’m really glad my guy wasn’t there to see that.”