“Passion”- Utada Hikaru

To start off this year’s Music Monday I have decided to go back to an old favorite of mine. This song has been one of my favorite songs that has come from Japan since I first heard it and is by far my favorite song that has come from a video game. What song might that be? “Passion” by Utada Hikaru. My love for the Kingdom Hearts franchise is for another post, but the first song of Utada Hikaru’s that I heard was from the first Kingdom Hearts video game. That song is called “Hikari”. Both songs have an English language version that was used for the English versions and the International releases of the games. “Simple and Clean” is the English version of “Hikari” and “Sanctuary” is the English of “Passion”. While I do love both of the versions of the song, there is something special about “Passion” has. It sends chills up my spine when I hear it. Then this happened.

What was that? Yes, that is the official music video for the song. I am not entirely sure what to think about it. It is pretty in a strange and fascinating way. Okay, I know I said my love for Kingdom Hearts would be in a different post, but this just has to be put on here. Today you all get a two-for-one special. This is the opening sequence from the game Kingdom Hearts II. Also, I am putting it on here so that you all can hear the English version of the song.

It is pretty, and if you know the Kingdom Hearts franchise you are not left with that “what the heck did I just watch” feeling. The animation is just pretty. Disney and Square Enix just make great games together and it leads to some beautiful animated sequence.

I love both songs, I really do. I just think that this is a particular song that should be left as the opening to the games and not have an “official” music video. It did not really need one. I understand the reasoning behind it though. You want to get your music to more audiences than just the gamers. However, Kingdom Hearts is just such a popular game that it does not really need that. Kingdom Hearts successfully has captured the attention of people that love Disney and people that love the Final Fantasy games. I love both and it just makes me exceptionally happy.

So, I hope you all enjoy the songs and I will see you all on Wednesday!