“Retro Romance”- Blake Lewis

I love Blake Lewis.  I have loved him since he was on American Idol.  I really do not like American Idol any more though.  Most of the people that I think should win end up in second place.  *sigh*  Oh well.  Blake Lewis is a doll though.  This video came out last Thursday and it is so ridiculous that I had a hard time not laughing through it.  It has clips of video games that I grew up playing and parts of it make me think that it should be on an episode of “I Love the 80’s”.  

This song is catchy.  Blake Lewis has a very unique sound.  He does not really sound like the rest of the cookie-cutter pop artists out there.  This song reminds me of his first album.  It was full of cute and interesting songs.  Part of the song was made using a vocoder.  Outside of EDM and video game soundtracks, you usually do not hear that much in mainstream music.  Well, since people seem to be fond of EDM as of recent, maybe the use of the vocoder has come with that.