“We Own the Night”- The Wanted

This song seemed to have become the anthem for Independence Day this year with my friends and I this year.  Which one and why?  Well, one of my friends got a new car and it is a super awesome convertible and this song was was played as loud as possible on the road to shoot off fireworks.  Naturally, we sang it obnoxiously loud and I am pretty sure that the people around us thought we were drunk even though none of us drink.  The Wanted’s “We Own the Night is really a fantastic party song.  The odd thing is that this is an English-Irish Band.  If you have no idea what song I am talking about, where have you been, under a rock?  Here have a listen.  I recommend listening to it as loud as you can without killing your speakers. 

Okay, so when I first heard songs by The Wanted, not gonna lie, my reaction was pretty much “OMG!  No more British boy bands!  Stop Britain!  Please!”.  Yeah, I was really not fond of them.  At the risk of hacking off some of my readers, I really do not like One Direction.  I do not really get why they are so popular.  They sound exactly the same as every other pop band ever in the history of cookie-cutter pop bands!  They are not overly original.  So, when I heard someone say that The Wanted were British I instantly figured that I would get really hacked off at how cookie-cutter pop they would sound.  Boy was I wrong.  

Alright, so all these guys are in their twenties.  Yep, not a “boy” band.  My favorite member of the band was born in 1993; that would be Nathan Sykes just FYI.  What a cutie!  Okay, okay, so they are all pretty easy on their eyes.  Jay has ridiculously cute curly hair.  They do not really look like a “boy” band.  They are not overly clean cut, I mean, look at Max with his shaved head.  Also, they are pretty dorky and lovable in real life apparently.

Now, this video.  I find it adorable.  I mean, the elderly couple just sort of make the video.  The lady reminds me of my crazy Grandma Carter.  Sassy as I’ll get out.  Crazy.  Despite my general dislike of alcohol, I would be okay with going to a party like the one at the pub the band is at.  I would sing and dance with they guys of The Wanted.  They just look like they are having so much fun!  Also, British cars!  Huzzah!  On the right side of the road.  Good job boys we can actually tell you are from the British Isles.  Love it.

Overall, this is probably my favorite song by The Wanted.  They are ridiculously adorkable and have restored my faith in Britain as a producer of boy/lad bands that are not cookie-cutter pop bands.  Good job Britain.  Despite being an American, I still find how normal your celebrities and singers look to be amazing beyond all reason.  Seriously!  Look at some of the really good actors, actresses, and artists in general from Britain.  Compared to “Hollywood” celebrities of America, Brits look so normal.  At times I think some of them roll out of bed and go “oh, I think I want to be an actor today” and off to the studio they go to film a show for the telly.  Oh Britain.  You make me smile.