What in the World is Operatic Pop Music?

There are numerous forms of pop music.  One of the most interesting forms of pop music is Operatic Pop.  Believe it or not, this is a fairly well known form of music despite most people not knowing what to call it when they listen to it.  The most well known of these artists are Sarah Brightman, Rufus Wainwright, Susan Boyle, Charlotte Church, Josh Groban, and Celtic Woman.  These artists are fairly well known.  Especially Josh Groban and Rufus Wainwright.  Susan Boyle became a worldwide sensation after her audition on the 2009 of “Britain’s Got Talent”.  If you have never seen this audition, here you go.

Just watching the judges reactions on that make it all the better.  I really love her voice.  I mean, did anyone expect that voice to come out of her?  Nope, just goes to show you that you can’t judge people by how they look.  Part of me just love the British because most of their biggest celebrities look like they just woke up one day and decided they would be an actor or a singer.  They are all so ordinary looking.  It’s fantastic.  Have another one of her songs to listen too.  She’s just fantastic.

Speaking of the British, nobody should ever cover any of the songs by The Beetles.  It’s just one of those things that shouldn’t be done.  That being said, Rufus Wainwright is one of the few that can actually pull it off.  Oddly enough, I actually like his version of “Across the Universe” better than the original. I think it’s because Rufus has that odd lyrical tone to his voice that makes seems to drag all the emotion out of you.  His other songs are great too, but this one just stands out so much to me since covering The Beetles is something that shouldn’t be done and he pulls it off.  Boy does he pull it off well.

Il Divo is another one of those Simon Cowell acts.  By that I mean that he has had a fairly big part in their group.  He is their manager after all.  These four Opera singing men are from four different countries and were brought together by Cowell in the UK.  Now Simon may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket, he will even tell you that himself, but dang can he put together groups.  This was the first successful group that he has put together and they have been recording for over ten years now!  Have a listen to these awesome guys!

Want their names and country they come from? Carlos Marín  is from Spain and sings Baritone. David Miller is a tenor from the United States and is in possession of the least interesting sounding name of the group.  Sorry David, but your fellow singers in the group have really awesome sounding names.  The bell-tenor from France is Sébastien Izambard.  Urs Bühler is a tenor from Switzerland.   My mother is the one in the household that discovered these guys on the telly.  The odd thing about this?  My mother isn’t all that fond of Opera.  These guys make up for Simon’s faux pas when it came to putting together One Direction.  Sorry, not a fan of them.  I can deal without them.  In fact, I would rather listen to the next group sing their songs.

Oh Il Volo, you three are adorkable and when I first saw you three I didn’t expect you guys to sing the way you do.  Seriously, when their first video came out they all looked like little kids.  Oh wait, they pretty much were kids.  The youngest of the group, Gianluca Ginoble, was only about 14 when they started performing.  Their first album was released in 2010.  Here is the first music video they came out with.

I mean look at them!  They look like little kids!  Did you expect them to sing like that.  That being said, Gianluca looks like he could sing like that.  So does Ignazio Boschetto, the second oldest of the group that doesn’t usually wear glasses.  Then Piero Barone starts singing.  I about died in shock.  Where did that voice come from?  I introduced my one of best friends to this band a few weeks back and ever since my various social media platforms have been flooded with stuff about them and pictures of them.  Not that I’m complaining.  They are pretty cute and they make you smile because of how cute they are with their dimples and glasses.  Then they go off and win the Sanremo Music Festival 2015 meaning that they will represent Italy in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with this song.

 Thanks guys for making it difficult for me to support Germany where a lot of my family ancestry ultimately comes from.  Well, that would actually be Prussia, but Germany is close enough.  I guess I could just claim that my aunt is part Sicilian.  That works doesn’t it?

Operatic Pop has such a wide variety of folks that perform it that it is rather an oddity of the music world.  I mean look at Josh Groban, he’s one of the biggest dorks in the music industry.  What opera singer performs in a baggy hockey uniform?  Well, this dork does.  He also does stuff like this on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

In short, regardless of whether or not you actually like Opera itself, Operatic Pop is a delight on all sorts of levels.  Since it is one of the lesser known genres you get all sorts of people singing in it.  It also shows of how normal a lot of people involved in the music industry actually is.  Seriously, Josh Groban…You cute and adorkable man.  I just love you.