Wacky Named Wednesday

When it comes to the days of the week, most people can figure out where the names come from.  Wednesday seems to throw people for a loop though.  Where did that name come from?  Well, let us find out!

The word day is pretty easy self explanatory.  Obviously that means that it is the day of something.  Wednes though…what does that mean?  It must be some deity’s name.  The rest of the days are named for deities.  Who is this Wednes? That particular part comes from the name Wōdanaz.  For those of you who have no idea who that is, take a look.  That personish creature on the left with the sword and two spears is Wōdanaz.

To people that are familiar with Norse mythology he probably looks familiar.  You may also know him if you study Germanic or Anglo-Saxon paganism.  The reason being is that the name Wōdanaz becomes Wodan or Wotan during later times.  Eventually he becomes this familiar face.  No that is not Gandalf.  That is Odin.  Yep,  Wednesday is the day of Odin.  However, this day is not just associated with Odin.  It was first the day associated with the god Mercury.  Since Mercury is seen as being Odin’s equivalent in the mythologies there really is not much difference if you chose to call it Mercury’s day as opposed to Odin’s day.  Either way, the name Wednesday has been adopted into the English language because of the history of the English speaking peoples.  

There you have it.  Wednesday is Odin’s day.  If you are wondering about the crazy spelling of it, blame the English language.  Remember, it was originally Wodan’s day.  Keeping that in mind, the ridiculous spelling makes much more sense.  Next time someone wishes you a happy Wednesday, you can wish them a happy day of Odin as well.