Let’s Play Cards! A Very Brief History of Playing Cards

Party time!

My party will consist of making American Indian food and working on regalia.  Huzzah! No card games as far as I know.  However, a lot people will probably be playing cards.  I like playing card games, but the card game that I usually play is Magic the Gathering.  The games that most people play will be using the standard deck of playing cards.

We all know that a standard deck has four suits.  What most people do not know is that those suits were selected for a reason.  Each suit relates to an economic pillar from way back in the Middle Ages.  Spades were representative of the military.  Strangely enough,  the clubs represented the farmers and agriculture.  It would seem that those two should be switched, but that is what they represent.  That is what my text book said, so I am sticking to it.  The merchant class is symbolized by the suit of diamonds.  That just leaves us with the hearts.  Not surprisingly, the hearts represent the Church.

Next time you feel the need to play cards with your friends and use a standard deck, you can impress them with that bit of trivia.