Are You Quixotic or Just a Little bit Crazy?

One of my favorite characters and and the novel, that is named after said character, has given rise to one of my favorite words.  That word is quixotic.  If you have been keeping up with the posts lately then you should know what book and character I am talking about.  The novel Don Quixote and it’s title character are where the word come quixotic comes from.  Oddly enough, I often hear people using this word wrong.   Most of the time I hear it used as a word that simply means crazy.  While that is partially true, it means more than just a bit crazy.

Quixotic is the adjective form of the word Quixotism.  While it does have a bit of crazy involved in what it encompasses, it is more of an impulsive act than crazy.  True Quixotism deals with chasing after a practically unobtainable goal.  It usually involves idealizing something or someone to the point that they see the thing or person as being perfect.  Think of a teenage crush.  They think that the person they have a crush on is perfect and can do no wrong.  The naïve  nature of their pursuit is silly and, in some ways, crazy.  Sometimes it leads one to become overly romantic about things.  I see this a lot in today’s society and with how prevalent the romance novel section has become.  To me it seems a bit ridiculous to go after such lofty ideas of romance.  Get real people, life is never going to be a romance novel.  You will probably never have that.  This is also why I have a bit of a beef with the Disneyesque fairy tales.  I never got those because you end up with little girls having unrealistic expectations about life and love.  It is impractical.  I grew up with the horrific fairy tales that were so macabre that many parents will not even think about reading them to their children because of how dark they are.  Hate to tell you all this, but that was the point of the fairy tale.  They were meant to teach a lesson that the world is not a utopia.  

Quixotic behaviour is becoming more and more prevalent.  I see it all the time.  People are not so much crazy as they are blindly pursuing things that will never happen or will never be.  Just remember, crazy is crazy.  Quixotic is non-rational pursuit of utopic ideals and perfection that has almost no chance of happening.