Dystopia comes from the Greek meaning “bad place” or “hard place”.  Despite it coming from Greek, it was not used until John Stuart Mill gave a speech before the House of Commons in Britain in 1868.  Before that, the word Cacotopia was used.  They can have the same meaning apart from that Cacotopia can also mean “wicked place”.

The definition of dystopia is society in which people are either wicked or live in a place that is horrible to live in.  It is the exact opposite of a utopia.  For those of you who have read the ever so depressing that not even I will read it book, The Hunger Games is set in a dystopia.  Two of my favorite books are set in dystopian worlds, A Clockwork Orange and Brave New World.  Strange that I will not read The Hunger Games is it not.  I think my main reason is that it basically involves children killing each other for what is basically “fun modern gladiatorial games”.  Not okay with me.  Let kids be kids no matter the circumstance.  Dystopias are usually used when referring to a possible future.  For some reason, it is in human nature to think of all the possible bad outcomes of situations and focus on those rather than the positive outcome.  As such, dystopian fiction is rising and people really seem to like it.  Part of me feels like it is a catharsis of emotion.  You know, getting the bad thoughts out by thinking things like “thank God I’m not a tribute in world of The Hunger Games”. 

Enjoy the world you live in and thank your lucky stars that you do not live in an actual dystopia.  It may seem like things are bad.  Just remember that things can always be worse.

Until next time everyone!