What Makes Squall Lines and Bow Echos so Dangerous

This  is something that I hope most people will pay attention to.  Especially if you live in the central states in the United States.  Why is that?  Well, that is because today I will be talking about some dangerous weather systems.  These two weather systems are the Squall Line and the Bow Echo.

First off is the Squall Line.  What exactly is a Squall Line?  A Squall Line is a weather system is a weather storm system that forms around a cold front.  They are distinctive in that they start out as a small storm and then they can blossom into long lines of storms that can become incredibly dangerous.  While the storms themselves may only be thunderstorms, they can become incredibly severe.  What exactly about these storms is so dangerous?  That would be the next part of the post.

When the winds start blowing in a certain way, specifically if they start having straight-line winds.  These winds can form what are called Bow Echoes.  They can last several hours.  These are typically smaller in size than a full Squall Line what makes these so dangerous is the lovely hook echo that sometimes forms inside of them.  These hook echoes are where you get the formation of tornadoes.  The way to tell if the storm is a Bow Echo is to look at how it is shaped.  A Bow Echo will have a curve like a bow or a comma.  A Squall Line is a long line that may span the entire state.

So there you have it.  I hope you all are careful when the storms start forming.  Especially when you are in the central part of the United States.