The word Pandæmonium is usually spelled Pandemonium in English.  The word Pandæmonium was first used by John Milton as the name for the capitol of Hell.  What Pandemonium would translate to if it was in Greek would be “place of all little spirits”.  How did it become associated with hell?  That comes from a slight translation error.  There is no debate as to what the word “pan” means.  It means all or every.  It is the word “dæmon” that is up for debate.  It could mean anything from spirit, angel, or demon.  It is the association with the word demon that makes this word have a sinister meaning.  However, one could easily make the case that with its ambiguous meaning it could also mean the place of all little angels. 

Today, the phrase Pandæmonium does not have quite the same meaning.  Pandæmonium is used to mean chaos, mayhem, or uproar.  That means that a loud ball game can be described as Pandæmonium.  It seems strange that the word at one time this word had such a sinister meaning.  We use it so commonly today that sometimes the original meaning gets muddled up in the meanings that we come to know.

Stay lovely and beautiful everyone!