Healthy and Happy Living

Let’s Get Healthy and Happy Together!

Recently I have started on a diet to get more healthy.  I will be sharing little tips on various aspects of health and happiness that work for me.  They may not work for you.  They may work better for you than they do for me.  This is a bit of a more personal section of the site.  I am hoping that this will help me motivated on my diet.  Fingers Crossed.

Let us face it, we live in a world where fast food is readily available for most of us.  This can make being healthy very difficult and it is not going to be getting any better from the looks of it.  My family only eats out once a week and I do some form of exercise everyday and have had little results.  My problem?  In Oklahoma we like to eat and our plates are always full when we do.  So, by cutting my portions and getting more exercise I have been doing a bit better.  Hopefully, some of the other tips that I have found will help you if you are trying to get more healthy and happy like I am!