Pick a Major That You Will Enjoy

Helo Pobl Hyfryd!

It has been requested of me to do some posts on going off to college or university.  Why and who?  The who is not important and they that requested it know who they are.  As to why, there is an alarming amount of people my age and younger that either did not go to college, are struggling in college, or do not even want to go to college.  So, for their benefit, I today I will be talking about the importance of picking a major that you enjoy.  I hope you find this helpful and interesting.  Enjoy.
First off, what did I study at college?  Well, my first two years I went to Cottey College and I switched my major several times before graduating with an Associate of Arts degree.  When I went off to University at the University of Central Oklahoma, I read Philosophy.  This was focused on Philosophy of Religion.  I minored in English Composition.  What can I do with those degrees that I spent so long working for?  Honestly, not a whole lot.  Philosophy is one of those majors that you cannot do a whole lot with.  You can write about it or teach it.  That is about it.
So, why did I got to school to read a subject that I cannot do a whole with?  Easy, I enjoy the subject.  This was something that was important to me.  I feel as though it is important to find something that you enjoy studying.  The reason I believe this is quite simple.  If you are going to be sitting through classes day after day for four years or more, should you not sit through something that you enjoy rather than something you hate?  I for one would not like to sit through four or more years of biology.  I respect anyone that does.  I mean really, if you pick a major just to make money chances are you will end up picking something that you hate or have no interest in.  If you have no interest in the subject you are more likely to skip which will lead to bad grades and possibly flunking out of college or university.  There goes all your plans of making lots of money.  So, if you are going to spend all that time and money on going to university or college, pick something you enjoy.  It will make going to class a lot more enjoyable.
That being said; be realistic when you go to college or university.  Yes, I understand that not everything that is offered as a major is going to make you a ton of money.  Just look at my Philosophy and English Composition.  As I said before there is not a lot that I can do with it.  I can write or teach and that is about it.  Yes, I am a published author and you can buy my book.  I will post the link below if you are curious about it.  Yes, I am a private tutor.  I have several students that I teach and this particular job I have had since high school.  However, my primary job is that of the Vice President of Sales at a high-end jewellery store.  Do I use my Philosophy or English Composition in that job?  A little, but it is not the primary point of my job.  So, what do I mean when I say be realistic about your major?  Simply this,  understand that what you like to study may not have a lot of job openings and that you need a practical skill to fall back on if all else fails.  Pick something that you enjoy that may not be offered at college or university or something that you get certified in at a trade school. 
What is my practical skill?  Well, I actually have a few.  You see, I was raised pretty much as a farm girl.  I can tell you all about how and when to plant things, how to take care of farm equipment, and I can even tell you how to take care of livestock.  Is this something that I enjoy doing?  Well, besides keeping a small garden, not particularly, but it is a skill that I have that was taught to me by my father.  Another skill that I have that was taught to me by my family is cooking.  I can cook just about anything.  You name it, chances are high that I can fix it for you.  Do I enjoy this?  Well, I enjoy baking and making candy.  I will cook when I need to, but I find more enjoyment in baking and trying to find a job as a baker without spending money on going to culinary school is near impossible.  Why not go to culinary school?  Well, why would I want to spend money taking classes on a skill that I already have?  My grandfather was a five star chief.  I am pretty sure that I know what the heck I am doing in the kitchen.  There is, however, one skill that I have that I am the most proud of and that I love more than anything.  That skill has basically become a lost art.  Very few people still do this skill.  That skill is sewing.  You know, making clothing.  Yes, I do know that there are a lot of people out there that can “sew” because they had to take a class in school or they can fix a tear in something.  What I am talking about is that I design and make clothing myself.  Mostly it is for myself, but I have been known to make clothing for other people.  I can also do all that fancy beadwork that people put on clothing and that includes loom beading.  Sure, some of you all have made pillows or made a skirt.  I made my first hand sewn quilt when I was five.  I made this quilt last year.

Matt's Quilt
That is a lot of little pieces.  No, that quilt is not for sale.  That particular quilt was made for someone special and he loves it.  However, if you would like something made, be it a quilt or a dress, please feel free to drop me a line in the comments section.

In closing what exactly am I saying to you all?  Go to college or university and study what you love.  It does not matter if it is Classical Philosophy or Aerospace Engineering.  Do what you feel you would be most interested in.  However, do understand that some fields of study are incredibly hard to find jobs in.  That does not mean that you should not study them.  It only means that you need to have a practical skill to fall back on if you cannot get a job in that field.  Make sure it is something that you also love.  You want a career when all is said and done.  You do not want to have to go to work.  Work is just what it sounds like.  Work.  Work is not fun work is boring.  A career is fun and exciting!  A career is something that you wake up in the morning, or evening, and want to go to.  Work you want to stay home and sleep.  Live your life the way you want too and be whatever you want.  If you want to be a Philosopher that works in a jewellery store then so be it.  If you want to be an Aerospace engineer that works for NASA.  Do that!  Just do what you love.  It makes the world a little bit brighter for you because you are happy with your life.  Life should be enjoyed not suffered through.