What is Nordic Gold?

First things first, Nordic gold does not contain any actual gold.  It is a copper alloy made by Luvata made of copper, aluminum, zinc, an tin.  The copper is what gives it a gold colour.  Nordic gold is used in the 50 cent, 20 cent, and 10 cent Euro coins.  However, it has been used many years in countries outside of the Euro zone and the composition was created for the 10 krona coin in Sweden.  It is the from the Swedish name of the substance that we get the more commonly known name Nordic gold.  The Swedish being nordiskt guld. 

Personally, I think Nordic gold should be more widely used in world currency and possibly in jewellery because of the special properties of it.  What is so special about Nordic gold?  Well for one thing it is antimicrobial.  Money usually has a lot of germs on it from being handled by people and Nordic gold just does not have that many compared to other coinage.  Also, it does not tarnish very easily and it is hypoallergenic.  If you have ever been a cashier and have had to handle those nasty tarnished and green coloured coins you would love to handle Nordic gold.  It is amazing.  Here is a picture over there is a few of my Euro coins that are made of Nordic gold. 


I have had those for about four years now.  I love the German coin and the Spanish coin.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know why I love the German coin.  I also love the Spanish coin because it has Cervantes on it.  My favorite book is Don Quixote.  Also, since it is hypoallergenic it would be ideal for people that have a gold allergy that want to wear a gold coloured metal.