Let’s All Eat Cake For My Birthday!

Yeah, that little picture you clicked on to get here was  cake that I made.  It was awesome!  Want a close up of it?  Well, here you go!  That is a  Dalahäst.  In… Continue reading

A Continuation! Top Ten Anime Openings: Numbers 10-6

Ah, the music that comes from anime series.  It can be a wonderful thing and I have already covered my top five opening and ending songs from a variety of anime.  However, I… Continue reading

It’s Oto-Missouria Encampment Time Again!

It’s encampment time again! If you feel so inclined to watch this lovely video that I put together then you can watch it here.  It’s a bit long, but you will probably learn… Continue reading

Kaw City: The Lake-town of Kay County

A quick look at Kaw City, Oklahoma and some of the history surrounding it.

Sweet Glorious Water!

Wow! It’s  been a while since I’ve been on here!  My apologies!  I’ve had so many things on my plate as of late that I find myself coming and going.  Health issues, business… Continue reading

Let’s Go On An Adventure! A Review of The Hobbit Board Game

I decided to try this video thing again thanks to a friend of mine giving me some tips on how to record things better.  Also, the quality has gone up on these videos… Continue reading

Death by Chocolate!

There are so many types of chocolate in the world today!  It’s tasty and it’s good for you too!  If you go to a chocolaterie, a store that specializes in chocolates, you will… Continue reading

Markiplier is Quirky and Delightful

When I think of YouTube folks that I check out their account everyday, only a few come to mind.  One of those is Markiplier.  Now, if you’ve never watched his videos, he does… Continue reading

The Odd Music Video Trilogy by Sia

“Chandelier” is a wonderful song and this video is so intriguing.  Maddie Ziegler from the show “Dance Moms” is featured in this video.  I have always thought contemporary dance was an interesting form… Continue reading

Week in Review: 30 March- 5 April 2015

Happy Easter everyone!  It’s also Passover, so Happy Pesach!  Passover started the other day and ends at nightfall on Friday the April 10.  This week was fairly busy at the store, but not… Continue reading