Today I washed my face with diamonds…I don’t feel much more fancy than my nieces insist I am: A Review of Freeman’s Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask

Before you go about having a cow about me doing a product review on something that no normal person could possibly afford, let me just tell you that this stuff was actually fairly inexpensive. It only cost me about two dollars at the store. What is this thing that I am talking about? Freeman’s Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask.

IMG_0412First off, to try this, I went out and purchased the “sample size” package of it. However, it does say that it should last for a few applications. It lasts me two. It says that it is for all skin types. I have skin that is not overly sensitive, but is sensitive enough that some things bother it. While it does not bother my skin terribly, it does make my skin have that slight tingly feeling that you get if you put pure peppermint oil on your skin. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it doesn’t make my skin turn bright red like some stuff does. As such, I count that as a good thing.
If you notice in the picture of the back it says that it has “dazzling diamonds” that will help make your skin more brilliant and will help remove build up on your face. Is that true? Well, yes it actually does have diamonds. To be specific, it has diamond dust. I actually found a tiny little piece of the diamond dust in it to check this out for you all. To my surprise, it does contain genuine diamonds! Awesome! So, yes, I did wear real diamonds all over my face for a bit. You can’t really tell from the picture of what the product looks like, it is white and shimmery. The diamonds are what give it that shimmery look. They are also the reason that when you apply it, it feels a bit scratchy. Now, Becca, you work with diamonds on a regular basis, how is it that something containing genuine diamonds can be so cheap? Truth is, these diamonds are so small that I probably breath more of these tiny things in just cleaning jewellery in one day than is in this package. True story! People seem to think that their tiny diamonds in their old jewellery make it so much more expensive. Sorry, it doesn’t. Hate to burst your bubble, but there are so many diamonds that small floating around out there that these tiny diamonds have their own name. It is called melee by jewellers. I am literally wearing micro melee on my face in that before and after picture down there. Those diamonds actually do work for what they are in this stuff for. IMG_0415My skin felt very clean afterwards. On the downside, it also felt very dry. Bummer.

While I don’t feel like it boosts the brilliance and radiance of my skin, I am sure that it does for some people. My reason for saying that? I actually do wash my face every morning and every night. As such, my face does not have the chance to really get horribly dirty to the point of needing a boost of brilliance or radiance. As you can tell by the after picture, my face was left looking a smidge more red than it normally is after I exfoliate my face. That is not something that I really appreciate. I have uneven skin tone as it is and this did not help that.

Overall, this product works for what it says that it will do. So, if you want something that will help scrub the dead skin and gunk on your face off, this is the product for you! Also, if you want to be able to tell your friends that you washed your face with diamonds then this product will do that for you. If you are like me and wash your face on a regular basis, this really doesn’t do much for you. It can also leave your skin feeling dry if you do wash your face regularly. Keep that in mind when you buy it!