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Music Monday on Tuesday! “Oh Cecilia (Breaking my Heart)”- The Vamps feat. Shawn Mendes

Alright, so I have a soft spot in my heart for Simon and Garfunkel.  I really like their music.  One of my favorite songs by them is “Cecilia” and it is probably the… Continue reading

Music Monday: “We Own the Night”- The Wanted

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend where ever you were in the world!  If you were in the States, I hope you got to watch some super awesome fireworks and had… Continue reading

Music Monday: “Dance with Me Tonight”- Olly Murs

Wake up ya’ll!  It’s Monday! So, this weekend was relatively entertaining.  A couple of my friends and I had a shopping day in the city south of where we live.  How is that… Continue reading

Music Monday: “Pompeii”- Bastille

It is Monday! My apologies for getting this up later that usual.  It has been a Monday.  Yeah, let us just leave it at that.  So, what is Music Monday this week?  “Pompeii”… Continue reading

Music Monday: “I See Fire”- Ed Sheeran

Weekend is over folks!  Let us get back to work. So, lately  I have been working on genealogy.  Not just for me, but also for a friend of mine.  As it turns out,… Continue reading

Music Monday: “Prospeckt’s March/ Poppyfields”- Coldplay

Hello everyone! Say what you will about Coldplay, but I love them.  I have loved them since they released “Yellow” in the States.  I have every one of their albums.  This week I… Continue reading

Music Monday Chirstmas Edition! “Veni,veni Emmanuel”- The King’s Singers

Happy Christmas everyone! First things first.  Listen to this group of awesome British guys singing.  They are The King’s Singers. Awesome!  The song they are singing is “Veni, veni Emmanuel”.  People who are not… Continue reading