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Music Monday: “Alles is Liefde”- BLØF

I hope that you all have had a great weekend!  It was incredibly wet where I live.  So, must of it was spent inside.  Oh well, I have had the entire weekend off… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: The Quirky Language of the Nordic Realm

There is a funny little language mixed in with the languages of the Nordic countries.  I say funny, but it really is a pretty languages.  What language is that?  Finnish.  Have you heard… Continue reading

Music Monday: “Yesterday”- The Beatles

Alas!  It is Monday once again and the weekend is over. Since everyone had decided to become all obsessed over The Beatles recently, I decided to throw my two cents in.  I love… Continue reading

Music Monday: “Prospeckt’s March/ Poppyfields”- Coldplay

Hello everyone! Say what you will about Coldplay, but I love them.  I have loved them since they released “Yellow” in the States.  I have every one of their albums.  This week I… Continue reading

Music Monday! “Green Grass of Tunnel” by múm

I first heard of múm several years ago from a friend that recommended them to me.  Most people that I have met have never heard of múm.  They are a band from Iceland. … Continue reading

Music Monday! “Стрела Амура”- Alexander Rybak

If you do not know who Alexander Rybak is I have this to say to you.  WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?  UNDER A ROCK?!  Okay, okay, I will grant my readers in… Continue reading