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It’s Oto-Missouria Encampment Time Again!

It’s encampment time again! If you feel so inclined to watch this lovely video that I put together then you can watch it here.  It’s a bit long, but you will probably learn… Continue reading

Week in Review: 23 February- 1 March 2015

It has been snowing where I live!  Seriously, it’s ridiculous at how much snow is on the ground.  Global Warming my butt!  It’s freezing outside!  That being said, it is really pretty and… Continue reading

Week in Review: 24 Nov. – 30 Nov. 2014

I hope that you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  My week has been crazy, not quixotic, just crazy.  I had a bunch of family activities and it was a lot of… Continue reading

Week in Review: 10 Nov. – 16 Nov. 2014

Welcome to the first Week in Review everyone!  This week, quite unintentionally at first, seemed to be about the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise.  I say unintentionally at first because when I discovered that two… Continue reading

It’s Fall Ya’ll!

Autumn officially started this year on the 23rd of September, in the Northern Hemisphere at least.  However,  in Oklahoma it seems to start whenever it darn well feels like it.  Apparently, that was… Continue reading

Why I’m Not a Feminist

I am probably going to get a lot of hate mail about this, but I do not particularly care. A few months back I made a post about how I do not dress… Continue reading

Super Post! Star Wars Edition!

My apologies everyone! I have been so busy these past few weeks that the time has gotten away from me a bit and my posts have become irregular. However, I am hoping that… Continue reading

What exactly is an Africanized honey bee?

Contrary to popular belief, the Africanized Honey Bee, or Killer Bee as it is sometimes called, is not actually from Africa at all.  They are a hybrid that started in Brazil and escaped… Continue reading

Are you SAD? Me too. Let’s talk about it.

Earlier this week the world lost a great man.  Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors.  I thought he was amazing.  Though most people know that he battled with depression most of… Continue reading

What Happened to All Those Little Countries?

If you have studied European history for any length of time, you will know that the map used to look something like this during the time of the Holy Roman Empire when there… Continue reading