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Are You My Mother?

Earlier this year one of the most amazing thing happened on the New Nintendo 3DS!  The new games released on the Virtual Console brought a wave of delightful nostalgia to a lot of… Continue reading

I Just Wanna Catch ’em All!!!

I guess I should be more specific when I say I that I wanna catch all the Pokémon.  I want to catch Hoopa.  All the Hoopa!  Shiny Hoopa, normal Hoopa, plushie Hoopa, Hoopa… Continue reading

Let’s Go On An Adventure! A Review of The Hobbit Board Game

I decided to try this video thing again thanks to a friend of mine giving me some tips on how to record things better.  Also, the quality has gone up on these videos… Continue reading

Weeks in Review Spring Break: 9 March -22 March 2015

Spring Break is over!  I was super busy with family things that I had to take the week off.  I also got to spend a lot of time with some pretty awesome friends.… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: Being a Gamer is Good For You!

When was the last time that you all played a game? The last time that I played a game of any kind was last night when my friends and I had a game… Continue reading

Things I’m Thankful For! Days 19 and 20

Another combined post! My apologies.  I have been super busy.  That also means that this post will be short.  I have had so much stuff that I’m doing that I have been running… Continue reading