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I’ve Got a Ticket for a Train Going to Nowhere

Once upon a time my hometown was quite the town to visit!  Of course, being the home of E.W. Marland, the 10th Governor of the state of Oklahoma makes it a bit more interesting.… Continue reading

Let’s Learn to Fly!

Every year Ponca City has one of the largest, most widely attended Veterans’ Day Parade.  You could say that my hometown loves the veterans and you would be correct.  It isn’t just that… Continue reading

Historic White Eagle, Oklahoma

In Kay County, Oklahoma there is a small town just south of where I grew up called White Eagle.  This town is an unincorporated community and is the headquarters of the Ponca Nation,… Continue reading

Kaw City: The Lake-town of Kay County

A quick look at Kaw City, Oklahoma and some of the history surrounding it.

Week in Review: 9 February- 15 February 2015

I hope everyone had an awesome St. Valentine’s Day!  Mine was celebrated today, but was none the less awesome.  Rather than get me fresh cut flowers that will die in about a week… Continue reading

What Happened to All Those Little Countries?

If you have studied European history for any length of time, you will know that the map used to look something like this during the time of the Holy Roman Empire when there… Continue reading

What Exactly is Jingle Dress?

Let the weekend begin everyone! It is encampment time down at Otoe and it has had a pretty rainy start.  Most people outside of the Indian tribes do not really understand the concept… Continue reading

It is a Holiday Super Post!

Happy Day before Independence Day America! Since we are so close to the holiday I figured that I would wrap Wordy Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday into one big super post.  Why?  Well,… Continue reading

Something’s Shaking in Oklahoma

Let the weekend begin! Recently there has been a serge of earthquakes in my home state of Oklahoma.  This is not very shocking to me.  Why is that?  Well, Oklahoma is one of… Continue reading

The Beautiful “Bomber Girls”

Welcome to the Weekend My Lovelies! I have been taking care of a sick nerdtastic guy today when not at work.  Poor guy.  Despite being sickly, he did pay me a compliment that… Continue reading