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Giro hąwe gihįnka!

Alright, so in all fairness, I bet 99% of you all have no idea what that title says.  That’s fine.  I don’t expect you all to because the language it is in was… Continue reading

Super Post! Star Wars Edition!

My apologies everyone! I have been so busy these past few weeks that the time has gotten away from me a bit and my posts have become irregular. However, I am hoping that… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday! Which Language are You Speaking?

I will be going on a business trip and as such, I am going to combine this weeks Wordy Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday.  You will learn about a couple of words and… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday! A Look at the Words Polyglot and Polymath

It is time for Fun Fact Friday! This week’s fun fact is about languages in a few ways.  You will also learn a smidge more about me, but that is not the point. … Continue reading