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Super Post! Star Wars Edition!

My apologies everyone! I have been so busy these past few weeks that the time has gotten away from me a bit and my posts have become irregular. However, I am hoping that… Continue reading

What is a Tide and Where Did the Word Even Come From?

Alright, I admit that this does sound like it should be a word that everyone knows.  I am surprised by the number of people that think it only refers to how water moves… Continue reading

Are You Talking About Holland, Netherlands, or The Netherlands

One thing that has bothered me for a while.  In all fairness, it does not bother just me.  It also bothers my friends from Europe.  Most people outside of Europe do not really… Continue reading

What is the Difference Between Birthday and Birth Date

Welcome to a special Wednesday everyone!  What makes this week’s one so special?  Tomorrow just so happens to be my birthday.  As such, it falls right between Wordy Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday.… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday on Thursday! Sublime

My apologies for not getting this up yesterday.  I was experiencing some technical difficulties.  It’s fixed now.  So, back to learning about words we go! Oh false friends, you make my life hell.… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Heaven or Heavens? Complete with fancy bonus facts!

I hope you all are having a less stressful week than I have had.  I am making it through though!  Sorry about today’s post being a bit late.  I had a super late… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Decadent

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a word that has confused me since I was a kid.  What is this word exactly?  That word is decadent.  Let’s learn about this word!… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Armageddon

It is Hump Day everyone! This week’s Wordy Wednesday is about another word that people think they know what it means, but usually they do not.  That word is Armageddon.  Yep, that great… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Kansas

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Theoretically, everyone knows where the state of Kansas is.  For those who do not, Kansas is a landlocked state in the middle of the United States.  It has Oklahoma to… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: What Exactly is a Pendant?

Hello everyone! Ah technology. It is a great thing until it decides to not work. Oh well. Such is life. Well, today’s post sort of goes along with the Fun Fact Friday. So,… Continue reading