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Fun Fact Friday: Pandora…Box?

Welcome to the other half of this topic that I started on Wordy Wednesday! Quick reminder!  We were discussing the myth of Pandora.  I had mentioned that Pandora’s Box may or may not have been… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: What Exactly Does Pandora Mean?

Let us learn more about Greek myths for Wordy Wednesday! There is one particular myth that has permeated our culture even to this day.  While many of them we reference in our everyday… Continue reading

Pretty Peridot and a Few of the New PANDORA Charms

Hello everyone! I have exciting news.  In addition to having my book published, I might be moving to London!  I have been super busy trying to get everything all situated.  I have been… Continue reading

Pandora Bracelets

Guten Morgen neue Preußen! Today I will be talking about a wonderful line of products that are super popular at the moment. I know a lot about these products because in the store… Continue reading