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A Superpost Lesson in Æsthetics (A Rant on Beauty)

Okay male half of the population, this post is for your benefit.  Ladies you will also find it helpful, but my main point is to make the men of the world realize a some… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday on Thursday! Sublime

My apologies for not getting this up yesterday.  I was experiencing some technical difficulties.  It’s fixed now.  So, back to learning about words we go! Oh false friends, you make my life hell.… Continue reading

A Glimpse Into My Love/Hate Relationship with the “Supernatural” Fandom

Well, here it is as promised, I am writing about the stuff at JIBCON 2014 and a bit of my thoughts on the Season 9 Finale.  My feelings are split about the stuff… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: What’s the Difference?

Happy last day of February! People love the shows Sherlock on BBC and Dexter on Showtime.  I love both.  Both of the lead characters on those shows share something important.  They are described… Continue reading

It’s All in How You Look…Apparently…

After four years, I think I have figured it out! What have I figured out?  Why people seem to hate Russian Evgeni Plushenko.  Before you stop reading and start complaining that I hate… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: Let’s Visit Atlantis!

It is Friday everyone! It being Friday, let us take a little weekend getaway.  I say we go to Atlantis.  Let me get the map first… Hmm… Well, since apart from Northing being… Continue reading

Tips for College! Pick a Major You Will Enjoy

Helo Pobl Hyfryd! It has been requested of me to do some posts on going off to college or university.  Why and who?  The who is not important and they that requested it… Continue reading