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Fun Fact Friday: An Introduction to Zoroastrianism

TGIF!  I mean that.  This has been the most stressful week I think I have had in a while.  However, since it is Friday it is time to learn some new stuff. People… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Heaven or Heavens? Complete with fancy bonus facts!

I hope you all are having a less stressful week than I have had.  I am making it through though!  Sorry about today’s post being a bit late.  I had a super late… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: Is There Actually an Angel Named Castiel?

Give it a minute…the Supernatural fans will be here momentarily.  All here? Good.  I have the weekend off and this post has been sitting in my book waiting to be typed.  I just… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Armageddon

It is Hump Day everyone! This week’s Wordy Wednesday is about another word that people think they know what it means, but usually they do not.  That word is Armageddon.  Yep, that great… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Holiday Edition!

We’re halfway through the week everyone! So, I hope you all have been having good weeks.  Passover started yesterday and Easter is right around the corner.  Today is sort of a holiday edition. … Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: How many Books are in the Old Testament

Fun Fact Friday Time! Exactly how many books are in the Old Testament? There is a lot of debate as to how many there are actually should be. A lot of denominations us… Continue reading

Things I’m Thankful For! Day 4

It is time for day four of the Things I’m Thankful For challenge! Part of me feels like I am cheating on this post since it is kind of two for the price… Continue reading