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The Charm of “Steven Universe”

I got a phone call the other day from a guy friend of mine and he confessed to me that he had done something bad.  When I asked him what he had done… Continue reading

What Does OTP Stand For?

Oh parents of children these days!  Some are just not as knowledgeable or tech-savvy as they would like to think that they are.  I am involved in teaching the children at the church… Continue reading

A Glimpse Into My Love/Hate Relationship with the “Supernatural” Fandom

Well, here it is as promised, I am writing about the stuff at JIBCON 2014 and a bit of my thoughts on the Season 9 Finale.  My feelings are split about the stuff… Continue reading

Medieval Fair 2012: Byzantium

Hallo schöne neue Preußen! I have been so incredibly busy with this last quarter of the semester.  This past weekend was the Medieval Fair and I had so much fun! Now, I know… Continue reading