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The Charm of “Steven Universe”

I got a phone call the other day from a guy friend of mine and he confessed to me that he had done something bad.  When I asked him what he had done… Continue reading

More Continuation! Number 10-6 of my Top Ten Favourite Anime Endings!

As I mentioned in the last article I mentioned that I was going to post my 10-6 favourite anime openings and endings. Since that was the openings, here are the endings! I hope… Continue reading

Week in Review: 9 February- 15 February 2015

I hope everyone had an awesome St. Valentine’s Day!  Mine was celebrated today, but was none the less awesome.  Rather than get me fresh cut flowers that will die in about a week… Continue reading

2 Weeks in Review: 26 January- 8 February 2015

Most of my traveling is done for a while!  Huzzah!  I’m very excited about that.  Yesterday was my father’s birthday and I spent most of the day running around and then making a… Continue reading

Week in Review: 19 January- 25 January 2015

Work has been slowing down a bit as the week has gone on.  That is a relief to me!  This week was also my first official visit as a District Deputy for Order… Continue reading

What Does OTP Stand For?

Oh parents of children these days!  Some are just not as knowledgeable or tech-savvy as they would like to think that they are.  I am involved in teaching the children at the church… Continue reading

A Glimpse Into My Love/Hate Relationship with the “Supernatural” Fandom

Well, here it is as promised, I am writing about the stuff at JIBCON 2014 and a bit of my thoughts on the Season 9 Finale.  My feelings are split about the stuff… Continue reading

Music Monday: “Burnin’ for You”-Blue Öyster Cult

Happy Monday Everyone! Today’s Music Monday is a fairly old song, but there is a story behind this particular song being featured today.  The song for this week is “Burnin’ for You” by Blue… Continue reading

Who Wants to Play a Game Called Murder? A Review of BBC’s “Sherlock” Series 3

First off this picture that I found on Pinterest needs to be shared if you want a picture to go along with the title of this article Okay, so Sunday was the Series… Continue reading

Spoilers! “The Day of the Doctor” Review

Hello Sweeties! So, for those of you who do not know, I am a major nerd.  I love Doctor Who!  It has been my favorite Sci-Fi show since I was a younger.  When… Continue reading