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Week in Review: 23 March- 29 March 2015

This week has been crazy busy with a bunch of meetings and work.  Yesterday was our Music Ministry Luncheon and it was pretty fun though and I had the day off so it… Continue reading

What exactly is an Africanized honey bee?

Contrary to popular belief, the Africanized Honey Bee, or Killer Bee as it is sometimes called, is not actually from Africa at all.  They are a hybrid that started in Brazil and escaped… Continue reading

Glittery Garnets

Happy Birthday to my January readers! Ah the Garnet, there are mixed feelings about this red-brown gemstone.  Some people really love it it and, from what I have seen working in the jewellery business, a… Continue reading

Black Tie and White Tie for Women

I have done a post on and black tie and white tie fashion for men.  I finally have found the time to finish the black and white tie fashion for women post for… Continue reading

Sassy Citrine!

Howdy everyone! I have been so amazingly busy as of late.  This past weekend I had my book signing in Stillwater, Ok.  It went pretty well.  I also did a reading while I… Continue reading

Opulent Opals

Shalom! I hope everyone is doing well.  It has been crazy busy where I live.  However, I have been working hard on keeping you all informed on various things.  So, it is October. … Continue reading

Tips for College! Be Social

Hello everyone! Let us talk about being social in college.  This is important!  Yes, being a good student and studying so you can do well is even more important, but so is having… Continue reading

Tips for College! Pick a Major You Will Enjoy

Helo Pobl Hyfryd! It has been requested of me to do some posts on going off to college or university.  Why and who?  The who is not important and they that requested it… Continue reading

Ties and How to Tie Them

Hej alle!  This weekend has been super crazy for me which ended up with me being sick for about 3 days and me somehow or another being asked to help with a Sunday… Continue reading

Stunning Sapphires

Greetings everyone! Today I will be talking about September’s birthstone: Sapphire.  Sapphire is one of the four precious gems with the others being Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald.  Like the Ruby it is a… Continue reading