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Are You My Mother?

Earlier this year one of the most amazing thing happened on the New Nintendo 3DS!  The new games released on the Virtual Console brought a wave of delightful nostalgia to a lot of… Continue reading

One Part Square + One Part Enix + One Part Other Companies That Those Two Devoured= Awesome!!!

Square Enix is one of the most well-known video game studios.  Pretty much everyone that plays games has played something that is property of this company.  Most people will know it for the… Continue reading

I Just Wanna Catch ’em All!!!

I guess I should be more specific when I say I that I wanna catch all the Pokémon.  I want to catch Hoopa.  All the Hoopa!  Shiny Hoopa, normal Hoopa, plushie Hoopa, Hoopa… Continue reading

Weeks in Review Spring Break: 9 March -22 March 2015

Spring Break is over!  I was super busy with family things that I had to take the week off.  I also got to spend a lot of time with some pretty awesome friends.… Continue reading

Week in Review: 10 Nov. – 16 Nov. 2014

Welcome to the first Week in Review everyone!  This week, quite unintentionally at first, seemed to be about the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise.  I say unintentionally at first because when I discovered that two… Continue reading

Music Monday: “Escape from the City”- A cover by NateWantsToBattle

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter weekend! So, my problem with covers is that they are not sung by the original artist and they usually are not very good.  However,… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: Being a Gamer is Good For You!

When was the last time that you all played a game? The last time that I played a game of any kind was last night when my friends and I had a game… Continue reading

Things I’m Thankful For! Days 19 and 20

Another combined post! My apologies.  I have been super busy.  That also means that this post will be short.  I have had so much stuff that I’m doing that I have been running… Continue reading