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Week in Review: 23 February- 1 March 2015

It has been snowing where I live!  Seriously, it’s ridiculous at how much snow is on the ground.  Global Warming my butt!  It’s freezing outside!  That being said, it is really pretty and… Continue reading

Week in Review: 24 Nov. – 30 Nov. 2014

I hope that you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  My week has been crazy, not quixotic, just crazy.  I had a bunch of family activities and it was a lot of… Continue reading

What Does OTP Stand For?

Oh parents of children these days!  Some are just not as knowledgeable or tech-savvy as they would like to think that they are.  I am involved in teaching the children at the church… Continue reading

It’s Fall Ya’ll!

Autumn officially started this year on the 23rd of September, in the Northern Hemisphere at least.  However,  in Oklahoma it seems to start whenever it darn well feels like it.  Apparently, that was… Continue reading

What is a Pumpkin?

Now before you all look at me like I am insane, yes, I do realize that most everyone knows what a pumpkin is.  At least, they think they know what a pumpkin is.… Continue reading

What is Yom Kippur Anyway?

So, today is the highest of the High Holy Days on the Jewish calendar. What do the words Yom Kippur even mean though? The word Yom means “day” while the word Kippur means… Continue reading

Where Did the Name Wednesday Come From Anyway?

When it comes to the days of the week, most people can figure out where the names come from.  Wednesday seems to throw people for a loop though.  Where did that name come… Continue reading

What is a Patriot and What is Patriot Day?

Patriot Day is tomorrow everyone! What exactly does that word mean though?  Well, it is pretty straightforward actually.  A patriot is someone who is loyal to their country and is strongly supportive of… Continue reading

Super Post! Star Wars Edition!

My apologies everyone! I have been so busy these past few weeks that the time has gotten away from me a bit and my posts have become irregular. However, I am hoping that… Continue reading

What is a Tide and Where Did the Word Even Come From?

Alright, I admit that this does sound like it should be a word that everyone knows.  I am surprised by the number of people that think it only refers to how water moves… Continue reading