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Wordy Wednesday: What Exactly is a Pendant?

Hello everyone! Ah technology. It is a great thing until it decides to not work. Oh well. Such is life. Well, today’s post sort of goes along with the Fun Fact Friday. So,… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Amaranth

Good Wednesday Everyone! I got in late last night from a meeting and I just got back from the gym.  So, I am good to go at the moment.  I am sure that… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Is it an Emblem or a Symbol?

Hello Lovelies! My trip went well and I had fun.  Once I get my pictures on my computer I will probably post some.  I got in so late on Monday and I was… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday! Which Language are You Speaking?

I will be going on a business trip and as such, I am going to combine this weeks Wordy Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday.  You will learn about a couple of words and… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: What Exactly Does Pandora Mean?

Let us learn more about Greek myths for Wordy Wednesday! There is one particular myth that has permeated our culture even to this day.  While many of them we reference in our everyday… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Wanderlust

Guten Morgen! Today’s post is about a word that I use in my everyday life.  Especially when meeting new people and they ask me to describe myself.  Usually the subject of my awful… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: What the Heck are Trolls?

God morgen! I am running a bit late today.  I was going to record a video, but then I realized that this topic would require more pictures and it would be easier to… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday! Olympic Edition: Curling

Good morning everyone! In case you do not know by now, I love the sport of curling.  Since it is the Olympics you are lucky that I am even posting.  Right now there… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: University

Good morning everyone! I am running a bit late today, but not too late.  So, it is Wednesday and you all know what that means!  It is time for Wordy Wednesday!  What is… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: Darling

Happy Wednesday everyone! So this was a bit more rushed than I wanted, but I did get a video up!  I am still working on the lighting and all that jazz.  Forgive me! … Continue reading