How Did Kansas Acquire its name

Theoretically, everyone knows where the state of Kansas is.  For those who do not, Kansas is a landlocked state in the middle of the United States.  It has Oklahoma to the south, Colorado to the west, Missouri to the east , and to the north is Nebraska.  Why am I telling you all about Kansas?  The word is pretty interesting, so let us learn about it.

The word Kansas comes from the name of the Kaw Nation in their tribe’s language.  That word is Kanza.  In the Kanza language, the word Kanza means “People of the South Wind”.  The Kanza tribe did primarily live in the area that is now Kansas.  Like many tribes on the Great Plains, they did do some moving with the bison heards.  However, they had a bit of a problem when it come to that.  Out of all their neighbouring tribes the only tribe that they had good relations with were the Osage to their south.  The tribes that they had the worst relations with were the Pawnee and the Oto…I’m Oto…

sorry my friends that are Kaw.

So, there you have it.  That is where the name of the state of Kansas  came from.