Shaking Oklahoma: A Look at the Faults and Geologic Features of My Home State

Recently there has been a serge of earthquakes in my home state of Oklahoma.  This is not very shocking to me.  Why is that?  Well, Oklahoma is one of the most seismically active states in the union.  It is true!  One of the main reasons is that our equipment used to detect them is more advanced.  It should not surprise people that we have as many earthquakes as we do in Oklahoma.  After all, we are in the middle of the continental US.  Well, actually Lebanon, Kansas is the middle of the continental US.  Anyway, here is a map of the different geological features here in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma FaultsHoly calamari!  There sure are a lot of faults in Oklahoma!  Yep.  There is one that runs right by where I grew up in Ponca City by the Nemaha Uplift.  The reason we have so many earthquakes in Oklahoma is because we have all these fault lines and we do have some of the oldest mountains in the world.  Yeah!  Call Oklahoma boring in terms of history now.  I dare you.  Geologically speaking, Oklahoma is fascinating.  Before my fellow Oklahomans freak out, let me give you some good news.  Because we have so many active fault lines and geologic activity, we will probably never have any of the ridiculously huge and super destructive earthquakes that other states with less, but bigger, fault lines have.  We will just have lots of smaller ones.  That is good because that means that our fault lines are smooth and not sticking against each other.  When faults stick and then suddenly move, that is what causes the earthquakes.  If they stick for too long, the pressure builds up and then, hold on to your hats, huge earthquakes happen.

Well, there you have it.  Oklahoma is one of, if not the, most seismically active states in the States.