Where did America get the Name America?

So, where does the word America come from anyway?  Good question.  That word comes from Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine explorer in the 1400’s and early 1500’s.  The word originally referred to an area in South America and frequently called the Land of Amerigo.  The feminine form of his name is America.  Tada!  There you go.  So, why not just call it Amerigo?  That reason is because Europe and Asia got their names from feminine words.  So, why not continue on with the tradition.  It seems to be a tradition stemming far back into human history to give things feminine names or use the feminine pronouns unless it is strictly male.  We do it to cars, boats, electronics, and apparently whole continents.

Speaking of history, where the Jewish people ever in America before European contact?  That is a tricky question to answer.  For that I am going to say, probably.  The reason I will say this is that there are a lot of signs that point to them actually being here.  For one thing, there is the mitochondrial DNA certain tribes that are identical to that of the modern Jewish people.  There are some Cherokee that have said mitochondrial DNA and other plains tribes have the same markers in their DNA.  Sort of hard to argue against DNA evidence.  However, if you are not one for putting much stock in hard science like that, let me give you a few other things to take into consideration.  My mother’s friend that is Jewish was incredibly shocked to find out that the funeral rites and rituals are almost exactly the same as traditional Jewish funeral rites and rituals.  The traditional day allotted to the Creator was the last day of the week which lines up to Saturday.  Hmm… It also does not do much for people arguing that they were not here when you have the whole situation when missionary came to “convert” the native savages to Christianity.  I can imagine my Oto ancestors scratching their heads in confusion asking them why they were trying to “convert” them to their own religion.  Yep, a lot, and I mean a whole lot, of the traditional Oto religion has a freakishly amount of almost identical traditions and stories that match up with things in the Old Testament.  In fact, one of my professors from school found the similarities to be a bit unsettling.  Maybe there is something to the thought that the Lost Tribes of Israel ended up in America after all.